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UPDATE: The blog will insh’Allah include the monthly newsletter on a monthly basis. All other information and communication will be done via email or will be sent home via the students agendas. Please check the agendas on a daily basis and encourage your children to always write the necessary information in the agenda.

Most of the material used in class will be posted on this site insh’Allah, aside from confidential information of course. You will receive emails with a link to the appropriate material at the time it is published. If you have not received an email it is likely that the email I have is not the correct one and the email is lost in the deep parts of the elusive web.

Please visit the about/contact page to find out how to email me.

This method of sending a link in an email ensures you receive the class communication and without cluttering your emails with large attachments. This too will save paper as we are encouraged in our faith to preserve our natural resources.

If you require a printed copy and can’t print it yourself please feel free to email me and I will send a copy with your child Insh’Allah.

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